Base oil or base stocks are the building blocks of lubricants. They comprise almost 90% of the lubricant. Additives are added to the base oil to enhance its properties. We specialize on Group 1 type base stock (SN500, SN150, and BS150), Group 2 base oil (600 and 150N) and Group 3 base oils.

Group 2 Defined as being more than 90% saturates, less than 0.03% sulfur and with a viscosity index of 80 to 120. It has superior anti-oxidation properties since virtually all hydrocarbon molecules are saturated. Group 3 base oils are greater than 90% saturates, less than 0.03% sulfur and have viscosity index above 120. These oils are refined even more than Group 2 base oils and generally are severely hydrocracked (higher pressure and heat). This longer process is designed to achieve a purer base oil. Although made from crude oil, Group 3 base oils are something described as synthesized hydrocarbons.

Base oil makes up majority of the cost of the lubricant and sourcing it out ourselves gives us a comparative advantage. The purity of base oils mean that your additive packages can be optimized to meet performance objectives at lower treat rate and reduced cost. Your formulators won’t have to worry about compensating for the quality of the base stock in your finished products. You have more freedom in new product development.

Our base oils can improve the performance of your finished engine oils and other lubricants. Better viscosity control and reduced volatility help cut lubricant consumption and provide fuel economy benefits. This also enhances cold start operation. Your customers can expect improved equipment protection and extended lubricant life due to superior oxidation and thermal stability.